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About Tioga Air Heaters

For over 55 years, Tioga Air Heaters has served customers around the world with safe, dependable, and efficient air heaters designed to serve a number of different industries and applications. We work closely with customers to supply them with heaters built to their exact specifications, whether the unit is a base model or features several modifications and additions. We also supply and refurbish heaters for the rental fleet of our sister company, Mobile Air & Power Rentals. This advantage allows us to know the ins and outs of how our equipment performs in the field, allowing us to constantly update our units with improvements that help their performance, safety, and reliability.

Since our establishment, we've built our heaters to serve industries that operate in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, such as the unwelcoming and brutally cold Arctic Circle. Tioga heaters are built to reliably operate in temperatures as low as –40 °F and are guaranteed to discharge 200 °F processed air in 0 °F environments. Our experience in customizing our equipment also means that any specialized modifications will be designed by our skilled engineering team and added during the assembly process.

To learn more about Tioga Air Heaters, take a look at our History and the Tioga Advantage.

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