Tioga offers a wide range of flexible and rigid duct systems to safely transfer heated or cooled air to your desired area. Tioga also offers insulated flexible and rigid duct systems to increase the heat delivered to your target area, reducing temperature degradation through the ducting. Additional duct options include 45° and 90° elbow transitions, wye’s, and other configurations based on your needs. Tioga’s indirect fired heaters offer return air capabilities using plenums attached to the air intake.

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Flexible Duct 
12″ dia x 25′:  16″ dia x 25′:  18″ dia x 25′:   20″ dia x 25′:   24″ dia x 25′:  32″ dia x 25′:      
Rigid Duct
16” dia x 7’:  18″ dia x 7′:  24″ dia x 7′:   32″ dia x 7′:  18″ dia x 45° Elbow:   24″ x 45° Elbow:  32″ dia x 45° Elbow:  18″ dia wye:  24″ dia wye


Depending on the energy source of your heating system, you may need additional equipment such as gas lines for supplying fuel. Tioga offers a wide range of flexible gas hoses to support natural gas and vapor propane fuel supply to our heaters. Please review our selection of gas hoses below and choose the size that fits your heating application. If you are unsure what size gas hose you need, Tioga’s engineers are available to make gas hose recommendations for optimal use with our systems.

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1/2″ x 25′: 1/2″ x 50′:  1″ x 15′  – 1″ x 25′:  1″ x 50′: 1-1/4″ x 25′:  1-1/4″ x 50′:  1-1/2″ x 25′:  1-1/2″ x 50′:  2″ x 25′:  2″ x 50′



Controlling airflow during construction or renovation projects can allow you to improve air quality and environmental factors that may affect temperature consistency and drying times. Tioga’s air circulation fans provide proper velocity and direction of airflow in your building. Fans are also useful for:

          • Reducing the time needed to bring the mass of the building up to temperature
          • Aiding in ground thawing
          • Helping exhaust moisture or contaminants
          • Helping eliminate condensation on walls and ceilings
          • Breaking up heat stratification
          • Reducing Heat Costs

Tioga’s additional equipment includes, cart fans, pedestal fans, circulation fans, box fans, and tiltable box fans.

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24″ Fan  30″ Cart Fan: 30″ Circulating Fan:  30″ Pedestal Fan:  36″ Tilt Box Fan:  36″ Box Fan:  48″ Box Fan


Power Cord Sets

Tioga offers power cord sets to augment your heating application. Our experienced technicians are available to make power supply recommendations if you are unsure what equipment will be required for your application. We provide power cords from 120V/20AMP to 480V/400AMP ratings and CAM sets rated at either 125AMP (100ft) or 400AMP (50ft).

We specialize in overcoming unique obstacles in heating solutions. In the event that you face challenges supplying power to your system, our technicians will work with you to design a power supply network that will fit your facility and needs, including considerations such as plug configuration.

Contact us today for more information about our power cords, CAM sets, or designing your ideal heating system with the help of our engineers.