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Air Cooled vs Water Cooled AC

When designing your cooling application, there are many factors that go into deciding which equipment to use. One decision you will face is choosing between water cooled and air cooled systems. When making this choice, you should consider a number of environmental and infrastructural factors in order to find your ideal cooling solution.

Air Cooled A/C

The most common type of portable air conditioner is the air cooled system. This system may be preferable in situations where introducing water lines in the room is undesirable such as server or data storage rooms. Air cooled units use fans and ventilation ductwork to remove heat from the condenser mechanism within the machine. What this means is that in order to install this system effectively, you must also be capable of installing the proper ventilation to direct heat into a non heat sensitive area. In some cases, ductwork may be installed above a drop ceiling, or hot air may be vented outside through a window or into existing ventilation networks. However, venting hot air to a non heat sensitive area may not always be possible in small rooms or areas restricted for safety or security purposes. Without proper ventilation, air cooled air conditioners can make the situation worse by reintroducing hot air removed from the condenser and increasing temperatures.

  • Does not introduce water lines into room

Water Cooled A/C

When venting hot air from an air cooled unit is not possible, water cooled air conditioners provide a highly effective alternative. These systems use water, introduced into the machine through a flexible water hose, to remove heat from the condenser mechanism; cool water goes in, and hot water comes out. These portable units can be connected to a stop sink, standard sink, or hose bib. A water cooled unit may be more effective in areas where there is a high ambient temperature.

  • Greater cooling capacity per amp of power
  • No negative pressure created by ventilation
  • Works better with higher ambient temperatures

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