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Direct Fired Heaters

Tioga's Direct Fired (DF) heaters are designed for use in industrial applications requiring powerful air heaters with significant air flow. These models are capable of rapidly heating large volumes of air, pushing heated air long distances, and improving work space air quality by increasing the number of air changes in the work space.

Our efficient direct fired heaters are available with a fully enclosed burner to prevent flames from exiting the heater discharge and run on either vapor propane or natural gas. Their robust designs pressurize your building, increase air circulation and virtually eliminating moisture problems. These proprietary heaters are frequently utilized in construction, mining, tunneling, power generation, infrastructure, and more.

Key Product Features

  • All welded body design built to perform in heavy-duty, industrial environments
  • Thermostatically controlled burners maximize fuel efficiency
  • Reliable componentry rated to perform in -40°F (-40°C) environments
  • Powerful backward inclined blower is up to 30% more energy efficient, pushing air much further than forward curve or propeller fan designs

Markets Served

Construction, Tunneling, Infrastructure, Mining, Power Generation, Government, Oil & Gas, Process Industries, Pipeline

Direct Fired Heater Equipment:

Model Btu/hr Description


2,400,000 Btu/hr

CFM: 11,000

Voltages: 1 Phase, 208V, 3 Phase 480V

Fuel Type: NG or Vapor Propane

Dimensions: 72" x 168" x 77"

Model DF-11 - Direct Fired Heaters More Info


4,200,000 Btu/hr

CFM: 21,000

Voltages: 3 Phase, 208 or 480 Volt

Fuel Type: NG or Vapor Propane

Dimensions: 90" x 186" x 95"

Model DF-21 - Direct Fired Heaters More Info


4,500,000 Btu/hr

CFM: 25,000

Voltages: 3 Phase, 208 or 480 Volt

Fuel Type: NG or Vapor Propane

Dimensions: 91" x 192" x 88"

Model DF-25 - Direct Fired Heaters More Info

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