The Heroes of Heat at Tioga offer exceptional heating solutions for applications in a variety of industries. When you need safe, reliable heating at your job site, facility, or venue, Tioga is here to help find the safest and most efficient application to fit your needs.

Electric Heaters

Tioga can provide electric air heaters for use in a variety of applications including residential & commercial construction, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, mines, and pulp and paper mills where specific explosive gases or dusts are present. Electric heaters can also be useful in applications for finished buildings where people are present or where the use of fuels such as propane and natural gas are prohibited. Our electric heaters come in a wide range of sizes, delivering up to 136,500 Btu/hr. Electric Heater

Key features of our electric heaters:

  • 3 kW to 480 kW, and up to 8,000 CFM
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Compact models or large heavy-duty models
  • Optional built-in thermostat

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