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Drying is often the most crucial step in a construction or renovation project. Slight miscalculations or brief equipment failures can throw off a project schedule and cause deadlines to be missed. Our experience in accelerated drying projects have proven time and time again that Tioga is the number one source for industrial drying equipment, and we can handle any drying job no matter how large or how urgent. Our heat drying systems are faster and more efficient than conventional forms of drying equipment like dehumidifiers and fans, including low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers.

Heat Drying vs. Dehumidifiers and Fans:

Heat Drying

  • Drying is faster and more effective, removing moisture not only on the surface, but also beneath by causing evaporation as a result of heat.
  • By saving time in the drying process and preventing additional damage as a result of prolonged dampness, you save money with shorter interruptions to activity and fewer restoration costs.
  • Environmentally friendlier large-capacity heat drying systems can dry a larger area in less time and decrease the likelihood of needing to remove or replace materials and structural components.

Dehumidifiers and Fans

  • Drying takes at least 50% more time, giving mold and bacteria time to grow prolonging structural drying.
  • Longer drying times mean longer interruptions to building activity and more restoration costs as a result of prolonged dampness.
  • Often requires many machines running for extended periods of time, wasting energy and increasing the likelihood of needing to replace materials and structural components damaged from prolonged exposure or left damp beneath the surface.

Tioga provides you with the drying equipment you need, beginning with professional assessment of your needs. We provide solutions specifically to address your project conditions, and will think outside of the box when it comes to unusual or difficult circumstances. Contact us to learn more about our drying solutions or to schedule your heat drying rental today.