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Makeup Air

How Dry Heat Works

If you are facing challenges due to negative pressure or required humidity control, a mechanical makeup air heater may be the best solution. The hot, dry makeup air can be used to lower humidity and force additional air pressure into the building as needed. Review the makeup air cycle below:

  1. From the heater, fresh warm makeup air is mechanically introduced into the area.
  2. Warm air rises to the upper level of the building.
  3. Warm air leaves the building, seeking equilibrium with the cool air outside.
  4. Mechanically introduced makeup air from the heater replaces warm air that escapes through the upper level of the building.
  5. Moisture resulting from combustion by-products are flushed via mechanically controlled air exchanges.
  6. The building envelope allows the building to “breathe;” the tighter the envelope, the less mechanically introduced makeup air is necessary.
  7. The SMACNA and ASHRAE humidity thresholds are 60% RH. Humidity levels within the mechanical makeup cycle typically stabilize between 35% and 45% RH.
    With scheduled flush outs and low humidity levels, this system creates a clean indoor air quality (IAQ)
  8. The building air and structural components reach equilibrium at the desired temperature.
  9. Savings on fuel increase as equilibrium is stabilized. The system’s combustion cycle responds to detected temperature, running at the minimum power to maintain the desired temperature and resulting in lowered fuel costs.

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