The Heroes of Heat at Tioga offer exceptional heating solutions for applications in a variety of industries. When you need safe, reliable heating at your job site, facility, or venue, Tioga is here to help find the safest and most efficient application to fit your needs.

Creating a Safe Environment

At Tioga, we understand the risks and liability that come with building, construction, and renovation projects. We take our job as suppliers of industrial equipment seriously and do everything we can to make each site in which our equipment is used safer. Each heating, cooling, drying, and HEPA unit is constructed and assembled carefully by professionals and passes thorough testing before leaving our facility. The equipment is transferred to you, our customer, by experienced and knowledgeable members of our team who are prepared to help ensure that each component operates properly. Onsite, one of our Tioga technicians will perform the following inspections and tests upon startup:

  • Fuel leak check
  • Proper burner adjustment
  • Gas pressure regulation confirmation
  • Electrical confirmation
  • Proper heater placement
  • Safety lock-out checks

Following these inspections conducted by our team, you will also receive our “Tool Box Safety Talk,” during which we will review the following points with you:

  • Proper start-up and shut-down of the heater
  • Safety features of each heater
  • Emergency shut off locations and use
  • Location and identification of gas lines
  • What to do if there is a gas leak
  • Properties and safety concerns for natural gas or propane
  • Proper heater placement
  • What to look for on a daily basis when walking by the heater

Contact us today to learn more about how we work to create a safe environment at every job site we visit or to schedule your heater rental.