Thermostat ControlMechanical-Low/HighMechanical-Low/High
Maximum Btu/hr:750,000750,000
Minimun Btu/Hr400,000400,000
Max. External Static PressureUp to 3" ESPUp to 3" ESP
Fan Type:Backward InclinedBackward Inclinded
Discharge Diameter:20"20"
Voltage:3 Phase, 208 Volt3 Phase, 480 Volt
Current Consumption:26 amps13 amps
Recommended Fuse Size:50 amps30 amps
Fuel Type#1-#2 Diesel, NG or Vapor Propane#1-#2 Diesel, NG or Vapor Propane
Natural Gas Consumption:700 CFH Lo-Fire - 1,400 CFH Hi-Fire700 CFH Lo-Fire - 1,400 CFH Hi-Fire
Propane Consumption:7.7 GPH Lo-Fire/ 15.2 GPH Hi-Fire7.7 GPH Lo-Fire/ 15.2 GPH Hi-Fire
Diesel Consumption:5.0 GPH Lo-Fire/ 10.9 GPH Hi-Fire5.0 GPH Lo-Fire/ 10.9 GPH Hi-Fire
Pressure Range2 psi / 25psi1 - 25 lbs.
Temperature Control DischargeYesYes
Air Proving Safety:YesYes
Flame Sensing SafetyYesYes
Net Weight7320 lbs.7320 lbs.
Data SheetIDF-7-32IDF-7-34
NEMA Plug Configuration:N/AN/A
High Limit DischargeYesYes
Dimensions:88" x 176" x 88"88" x 176" x 88"