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Tioga is the leader in heating solutions. Our equipment is known worldwide for their reliable operation in the world’s most extreme cold environments and are the industry’s most trusted and rugged heaters of their kind. Designed with the end user in mind, our reliable, robust, and user-friendly equipment has proven itself throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Alaska’s North Slope inside the Arctic Circle.

When you choose Tioga, you know you're getting the most reliable equipment and customer service available. We continue to enjoy serving customers around the world who depend on Tioga’s heaters to keep their operations running smoothly. Leveraging our vast selection of units, Tioga heaters can be found in construction, mining, oil & gas, pipelines, government facilities, manufacturing, and more. Our technical sales and engineering teams are on call to work with you to design your heating solution backed by the 24/7 unmatched support of our operations and service teams.

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