Tioga’s proprietary designed Indirect Fired Air Heaters provide 100% uncontaminated, fresh heated air and are the industries’ most versatile, efficient, and powerful air heaters of their kind. A high efficiency burner fires into a primary firing tube and all products of combustion are discharged through the exhaust stack. Larger units offer an enclosed, heated service vestibule with interior lights allowing for a work friendly environment when servicing the blower, burner, and control panel. Burners operate using natural gas, vapor propane, or diesel oil.

Key Product Features

  1. 309 Stainless Steel fire tube and heat transfer surfaces
  2. Powerful backward incline blower
  3. Reliable componentry rated to perform in -40°F (-40°C) environments
  4. Temperature protection limits and multiple safety features

Markets Served

Construction, Tunneling, Infrastructure, Mining, Power Generation, Government, Oil & Gas, Process Industries, Paint & Coating, Refineries